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Medical Face Shield
Medical Device Classification: Level 1

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12.00 + HST
Optically clear, distortion-free, full coverage wrap-around face shield
Protects eyes, nose and mouth from harmful drops, aerosols and splashes
Sonically welded elastic headband for added strength
Anti-fog treatment on inside and outside of shield
Please see gallery for FDA Certification
Details: Its smart design provides front and side coverage, complete protection from forehead to chin. The visor is made of high-quality, polymer material treated with an anti-fog and anti-static coating to increase maximum visibility, durability and practicality. Wide range of applications Suitable and applicable for any situation to protect against allergens, dust and germs, splashes.
Lightweight and comfortable, suitable for wearing during the day. Hypoallergenic foam tape absorbs sweat and provides enough space for glasses. Anti-fog and foam padded for extra comfort and safety. Protection Excellent protection against potential contamination from pathogens of blood, body fluids, harmful chemical splashes and drops from coughing and sneezing.
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